Rima Eyyi, B. Ed.
Math and ESL tutor

I am a very attentive teacher who has been in this field for 10 years. I have recently taken intensive math courses to be up-to-date with the MELS curriculum. I can relate to students who feel discouraged and isolated at school because of my own life experiences.

I think one of the main factors that allowed me to gain a deep appreciation for math was my ability to transform the negatives emotions I associated with it to increasingly positive ones. I was then able to increase my logical thinking skills. Learning languages became second nature to me because I learned 3 second languages before turned 18. Although I had to put twice as much effort to succeed in school, I never gave up.

Through resilience and perseverance, I fulfilled my dream to become a MELS- certified teacher. I’m passionate about enhancing students’ confidence by drawing from not only my personal but also professional background.

I am thrilled to share everything I’ve learned to  with you!