Our Services

We offer private, in-home tutoring to all K-12 students in Math and English as a Second Language. Apart from regular tutoring program, we have created a specialized program that combines rhythm, movement and learning! 
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Whether you choose our regular or specialized tutoring program, our approach allows us to offer you a complete service to enhance your child’s confidence, sense of self and academic development.

Individuality As An Asset

We honor the uniqueness of children, their approach to learning and their learning styles. We adjust our methods to your child’s needs to obtain the best results.

Math As A Language

Math is a language: a language of numbers which requires the mastery of logical thinking skills.

Regardless of your past experiences and level, we can always improve our logical thinking skills and our capacity for problem solving!

Learning Strategies

Similar to a craftsman who needs different tools for different tasks, we expand our students’ learning strategies so that they approach learning opportunities with the right tools in their hands.

Complementary Skills

Learning strategies are the foundation that need to be supported by skills such as:
- time management
- stress management
- exam preparation
- organisational skills
- interpersonal skills